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3 min readMay 12, 2022

There are plenty of sports that benefit from Bluetooth glasses , but perhaps none as much as walking. When walking, you can take full advantage of the unique features of smart glasses, while enjoying the world around you.

You may like to walk slowly through the countryside, taking in your surroundings, or you might be keeping up a brisk pace in the city. Whatever way you like to walk, these glasses will be the perfect addition to your ambling adventures.

In this post, we will look at the functions and capabilities of Bluetooth glasses that make walking such a pleasant experience. Keep reading to find out why you need a pair for your next excursion.

Top 5 Advantages of walking with Bluetooth glasses

Without further ado, here are the top benefits of Bluetooth glasses when walking:

Listen to music

Our Lucyd smart glasses have in-built speakers, found in the arms of the frame. These speakers sit right by your ears, delivering sound directly to your ears. There is no sound bleed , so you won’t be bothering anyone around you, even when you blast a little rock and roll.

Best of all, you can still be aware of your surroundings, even as you listen to your favorite tracks. Air-conduction technology allows you to hear the audio clearly, without blocking outside noise. This makes wearing Bluetooth glasses a far safer option than earphones or headphones, as you can still hear the traffic and other sounds. Plus, you don’t have to deal with pesky cables! You can even use voice assistant to play, skip, or pause music, making this the easiest listening experience available.

Keep your hands free

Since these glasses boast voice activation technology, you can use voice commands to use almost any of the unique features in these glasses. Connected to your cellphone, you can use your virtual assistant to make and take calls, play songs, get directions, check messages, and much more. Your phone needn’t leave your pocket when you have these Bluetooth glasses on.

Protect your eyes

When walking out and about, it is always best to protect your eyes with a pair of polarized sunglasses . This will protect your eyes from receiving further damage from harmful UV rays and will protect them from the glare of the sun, which can lead to eye strain.

They fit perfectly

There is nothing more frustrating than having a great walk while feeling your glasses slip slowly down your face. Thankfully, our glasses fit snuggly to your face, so you don’t have to deal with that dreaded possibility. An additional feature of these frames is that they can be adjusted slightly for different face shapes . So if you feel that your fit could be better, simply adjust them carefully.

The battery will last

One of the best attributes of these smart glasses is their battery life. From a two-hour charging period you can have 6.5–8 hours of playback. This means that if you walk for an hour every day, the battery charge will last for up to a week before needing to be charged again.

Conclusion on walking with Bluetooth audio glasses

Bluetooth glasses are an excellent piece of equipment to make your life a little smoother and simpler. This nifty little device not only functions as high-quality glasses, but they also have plenty of features to make walking, cycling, working, or even washing dishes that much easier, and more fun too. From us here at , enjoy your walks!

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