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3 min readMay 5, 2022

Cycling is a thrilling sport, whether you’re staying on lanes or exploring the mountains. However, any cyclist knows that the most important aspect of a good ride is your gear. From the right apparel to your sunglasses, getting everything right will ensure that you have a comfortable, safe ride.

Smart sports glasses allow you to make your gear even more useful and efficient, as this one device can act as sports glasses, cellphone, and music player all at once. Without requiring the use of your hands, you can take calls, ask for directions and listen to your favorite playlist, making your ride whatever you want it to be.

In this post, we will look at the benefits and functionalities of smart glasses that make cycling with them such a breeze. Keep reading to find out why you need a pair for your next ride.

Advantages of cycling eyewear

While there are many ways that Bluetooth glasses can improve your bike rides , here are our favorite advantages of wearing smart Bluetooth glasses when cycling:

Listen to music and your surroundings simultaneously

With these Bluetooth glasses, you can listen to your favorite workout playlist , while still being able to hear the traffic. With discrete speakers right beside your ears, you will be able to hear your tunes perfectly, while still being aware of your surroundings.

This is because they do not block off external sounds as headphones do. Our glasses use air conduction technology to deliver sound straight to your ear, which also cancels out sound bleed . So no one else has to know when you’re enjoying the latest Taylor Swift track.

Protect your eyes

Of course, the most important reason to wear sunglasses while riding is to protect your eyes from the light and to soften the glare so that you can ride safely. Our sunglasses protect your eyes from harmful UV light while fitting your face snuggly, so they don’t fall off. We also offer prescription smart glasses , so that you can add whatever prescription you might need to your order. That way, you don’t have to settle for blocking bright lights while struggling to see clear shapes. With Lucyd glasses, you can have it all.

Communicate with others

Since the speakers in our Bluetooth glasses do not block out exterior noises, you can still communicate easily with your friends and riding partners. In addition to this, you can communicate with just about everyone else in your life too, as your glasses can be connected to your cellphone, so that you can make and receive calls, and even participate in Zoom Calls. Though that hopefully won’t be necessary when you’re enjoying a good ride.

You’ll look great

With a number of different frames and lenses to choose from, you can find the ideal pair of sports sunglasses for your and personal style. Or you could choose the good old-fashioned sports glasses style, which does an excellent job of keeping out the glare from both the top and bottom of the lenses.

Ready to get your cyclist glasses?

If you like to head out onto the road with your bicycle, having the right pair of sunnies is crucial. Make your ride safer, more comfortable, and more fun with a pair of sporty sunglasses from .

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