LA-Based Blockchain Startup Creates New Web Protocol To Connect All VR/AR Worlds

Gabriel Rene, executive director of Verses. Image Credit: Verses

Every fifteen years or so, a new technology changes the landscape of human interaction. While we still haven’t hit the tipping point yet, VR/AR is expected to be that next change.

Still, that hasn’t stopped Los Angeles-based startup Verses from creating a protocol that helps people establish ownership of virtual real estate. At first glance it may seem a bit esoteric — even for the mixed reality world. But in theory, the solution that Verses has created solves a huge potential problem in the virtual world.

Currently, there is nothing stopping someone from creating a virtual asset on top of an actual one. In other words, someone can set up an augmented reality object on top of their neighbor’s residence. Burger King can create ads at the entrance to McDonald’s. One can imagine the issues that could arise from problems like these.

The Verses Spatial Web Protocol aims to solve these problems by being the arbiter for the new “spatial web,” i.e. the virtual and augmented reality worlds that will soon overlay our own.

Gabriel Rene, executive director of Verses, explains it here:

“The big problem we identified is that web protocols were designed to link pages together. To do AR/VR, there’s no way to move virtual things across the real world. There’s no address. We create a geospatial internet protocol address that works inside virtual worlds. So you can move between virtual worlds and move virtual assets across real space. We see this as the basis for Web 3.0.”

The implication here is that this protocol will enable virtual objects to traverse virtual worlds, similar to websites linking to one another. For example, let’s say that while playing Pokemon Go, a user sees an ad for a sale at a nearby shoestore. They can then “click” on the ad and be transported receive information from the ad before going back to catching Pokemon.

Essentially, Verses is trying to be the HTTP protocol for virtual worlds.

The addition of blockchain technology also seems to have attracted investors to the Verses project. To date, they’ve sold nearly $6 million in tokens during their ICO. Notable investors include Blockchain Industries and Decentra. They also plan to raise more money through a private token sale.

Not only that, but the project seems to have recruited some intelligent minds as well. Gabriel Rene comments on the Verses team:

“We have assembled a world-class team of staff and advisors from companies like Deloitte, Apple, Samsung, Google, Microsoft, Magic Leap, and more to create a safer, smarter, and more immersive new era of the web — ‘The Spatial Web. The next generation of augmented and virtual reality can now include authenticated location data, real-time mapping, and physical asset tracking between specific locations. This technology powers a new era of fully interconnected and immersive interactive experiences that speak to consumers’ moods and thoughts.”

All in all, the Verses project could potentially change the VR/AR world by connecting virtual worlds similarly to how websites are connected. But with the mixed reality industry still in its infancy, it may be putting the cart before the horse. Only time will tell whether or not their protocol will be widely adopted.

What do you think about the Verses project? Let us know in a comment!

IMPORTANT NEWS: Lucyd Update August 6th

Hello Lucyd community! Thanks for your interest and support. We have a lot of exciting developments in the works for 2018 and beyond.

Di Valdi by Lucyd fashion frames

1. The Lucyd eShop opened last week. This will be our sales platform for all Lucyd products. We have launched with four main lines of frames, international shipping, a variety of Rx and plano lens options, and more. The first four lines are Lucyd Loud, a Bluetooth “soundglass” that enables handsfree music and voice assistant; Turboflex, a line of durable, flexible frames; Di Valdi, cutting-edge Italian designer frames, and Lucyd Looks, basic frames with a unique understated style.

In addition to our in-house development of Lucyd Lens and Loud, we are continually researching the best tech and fashion forward glasses worldwide, to make them available on the eShop. We are also making ongoing improvements to the UX of the eShop, so please give us a few weeks as we polish the mobile and desktop experience.

Some of you may be surprised by our decision to launch an eShop, because this is a new development not outlined in our roadmap. But we realized it was needed to allow for the proper customization of our hardware to address the visual requirements of our customers, and the concept of an eShop for tech glasses was born. It has already become one of the only places in the world to purchase Bluetooth glasses with prescription lenses, and likely the only one to deliver in a timely fashion. It is also the first online store in the world for purchasing prescription eyeglasses using crypto as well as fiat currency.

2. The LCD token. Many of you are wondering when LCD will come into play. We are currently developing a wearable app for LCD to enable its use with both Lucyd Lens and Loud. We are also developing integration into the eShop for a rewards program, and redemption for hardware and software. We expect to have these utilities in the next 6–7 months.

3. Lucyd Loud, the Bluetooth soundglass, is still a beta product. We plan to make several enhancements to both the style and technology in this product over the next year.

4. Lucyd Lens, the visual AR smartglass, is expected to enter beta on time in Q1 2019. It will be released via the eShop.

5. We are also developing an app called LINK to improve the usability of smartglasses for common smartphone tasks, with a focus on messaging, navigation, social and search.

6. The LCD token portal at is temporarily down. It will be back up shortly with an access link in the footer of the eShop.

That’s all for now! Stay tuned for more updates, and upgrade your eyewear now at!




Lucyd is a new smart eyewear company based in Miami. We are developing smartglasses and an eShop for cutting-edge eyewear.

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Lucyd is a new smart eyewear company based in Miami. We are developing smartglasses and an eShop for cutting-edge eyewear.

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