BigAR Teases Augmented Reality Integration For Their Magic: the Gathering App

It seems like every day, we’re seeing more and more recognizable brands getting into the mixed reality game. Big tech companies like Microsoft and Google have already dived in headfirst. And as we see the smaller fish follow their older cousins into the murky waters of this new industry, the applications of augmented and virtual reality continue to multiply.

With new AR/VR games taking advantage of these advantages in technology, it’s likely that we’ll see more “low-tech” games begin to follow suit as well. Magic The Gathering — the original wizard-battle card game — is one such example.

Artist: Christopher Rush

Originally developed by Wizards Of The Coast, MTG is a worldwide phenomenon that created a genre of card game battles. Some ultra-rare cards can run into the tens of thousands of dollars. And now, the mages at WoTC are turning their +1 staffs of intelligence towards augmented reality.

In a recent video uploaded to YouTube, MTG showed off a new augmented reality feature that added little animations to select cards. The feature is still very rough and the animations aren’t quite as polished as say, Hearthstone, but the potential is there. With the massive popularity of their brand and the unstoppable push towards digital storage of tangible assets, it’s likely that we’ll see further development of this and other augmented reality features in MTG and similar games.

Here at Lucyd, we think this is a stellar idea. Aside from the fact that a recognizable brand is teasing a game-changing addition to the way their game is played, we can also see that this is a perfect application of augmented reality.

Much like the early scenes of Terminator 2 where the T800 (played by Arnold Schwarzenegger) receives a digital feed of information overlaid onto its field of vision, MTG is applying concepts that will give users useful information automatically. When our Lucyd Lens smartglass is available for public puchase in the next few months, this and other concepts will no longer just be the fantasies of science fiction writers. Future, here we come.

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So, you’ve heard about Lucyd LOUD and want to know a bit more. You came to the right place.

  1. What is Lucyd LOUD?
    It’s a Bluetooth “soundglass,” essentially a combination of an expanded-control Bluetooth headset and comfortable, Rx-compatible eyewear. LOUD lets you answer and control calls, listen to and control music, and access the world of AI-enabled apps and functions, all in a discreet and functional glasses form factor.
  2. Are there visual graphics?
    No, that will be in the separate Lucyd Lens product we are developing for 2019. LOUD will be available much sooner, in August 2018, and cost significantly less, so it will be a good starter AR wearable for many. There is also an incredible amount of utility with just the audio functions, such as being able to call an Uber, or send money with Venmo, using only your voice.
  3. Who will benefit the most from this product?
    In our opinion, anyone who wants to make their life a little easier. LOUD gives a tremendous amount of smartphone functionality while letting you keep your phone in your pocket and your focus on the real world. The biggest value adds are for people who already wear glasses and want to upgrade them with tech features, for people who need handsfree access to navigation and calling, for people who engage in outdoor physical activities such as cycling where sunglasses are needed and traditional earphones are cumbersome, and finally, for those who want discreet audio at school or work that doesn’t interfere with their hearing or appearance. Additional use cases are springing up every day, including potential use as a gaming headset.
  4. When can I get it and for how much?
    We will begin filling orders for LOUD through starting in the first week of August, and they will arrive only a few days after ordered. The cost varies depending on sunglass and prescription options, but we’re looking at a basic non-Rx pair around $100 shipped.
  5. Does it only come in black?
    For now. By the end of the year, we plan to have a number of designer styles and size options.
  6. Will this interact with the LCD token?
    Lucyd is developing an LCD token wallet app, which will reside on your smartphone or watch and can be accessed via LOUD. When this app is released (hopefully by end of year), you will be able to send and manage LCD tokens from your LOUD. Additionally, we plan to integrate LCD into the Lucyd eShop so you can get benefits and discounts for holding the token, and perhaps even pay for complete pairs in LCD. This app will also come into play with the tokenized AR app store we are developing.
  7. Will this interact with other wearables and IoT devices?
    Similarly, we are developing an app called LINK that enables more fluid connectivity between Lucyd glasses and other devices. One goal of the LINK app to create a highly functional mobile UX that is built on wearables alone, for example enabling you to get most of the functionality of your smartphone with just a smartwatch and LOUD. Another function will be to bridge Lucyd glasses to IoT devices such as smarthome devices, potentially enabling you to control the lights in your smarthome with your glasses.
  8. How is the overall ease of use and sound quality?
    Pretty good! There are a handful of control options on the LOUD and they are very intuitive and easy to master. The sound quality is slightly below standard headphones, but better than your last pair of glasses! And they don’t obstruct your natural hearing, so they are more useful in social situations. The LOUD uses small over-ear speakers and bone conduction to present audio. The microphone is very sensitive and taking calls on it are a breeze.
  9. What is the battery life?
    On a full two hour charge, the Loud will last for about 8 hours of music/call playback. When on in standby, the life is much longer, but it is best to switch off when not in use.
Comfortable, “Oakley-style” form factor.

Now you know the basics about our very first product! Let us know what you think here, and don’t forget to #getthatLOUD once the eShop opens on the 31st!

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