World’s Oldest Cosmetics Company Partners With Facebook To Launch Augmented Reality Ad Campaign

As the world takes yet another small step towards full adoption of augmented reality technology, another company joins the ranks of those that have dipped their toe into the world of AR: L’Oreal.

In a partnership with Facebook, L’Oreal will run augmented reality ads on the world’s largest social network. The premise is simple enough: users will be able to try on makeup before deciding whether or not they want to make a purchase. Interestingly enough, this move comes shortly after L’Oreal acquired ModiFace in March— a startup that creates augmented reality makeup software.

In the video above, you can see how the software works. Published by the creators at ModiFace, it displays how Facebook and Instagram users can tap an advertisement for NYX lipstick, for example, and then see different shades of that lipstick superimposed onto their own lips. As should be expected from two companies with massive R&D budgets, the digital lipstick moves seamlessly as users move their lips in front of the camera.

Being the oldest cosmetics company in the world, L’Oreal also has big plans for many of their other subsidiaries. Including famous brands such as Yves Saint Laurent and Georgio Armani, they’ve certainly got room to grow if this initial advertising run goes well.

Lubomira Rochet, Chief Digital Officer at L’Oreal, had this to add in an official company statement:

“Augmented reality is becoming key for product and brand discovery and purchases. We are at that magical moment when technologies have matured enough and consumer appetite for using them is growing everywhere. We are very excited about that new step in our long-term partnership with Facebook.”

As more and more brands begin to dabble in augmented reality, it’s likely we’ll see increasing adoption across multiple industries. If these ads prove to be more effective than Facebook’s normal newsfeed ads, then it’s likely that the floodgates will open sooner rather than later.

What do you think about L’Oreal’s new augmented reality Facebook ads? Let us know in a comment!

IMPORTANT NEWS: Lucyd Update August 6th

Hello Lucyd community! Thanks for your interest and support. We have a lot of exciting developments in the works for 2018 and beyond.

Di Valdi by Lucyd fashion frames

1. The Lucyd eShop opened last week. This will be our sales platform for all Lucyd products. We have launched with four main lines of frames, international shipping, a variety of Rx and plano lens options, and more. The first four lines are Lucyd Loud, a Bluetooth “soundglass” that enables handsfree music and voice assistant; Turboflex, a line of durable, flexible frames; Di Valdi, cutting-edge Italian designer frames, and Lucyd Looks, basic frames with a unique understated style.

In addition to our in-house development of Lucyd Lens and Loud, we are continually researching the best tech and fashion forward glasses worldwide, to make them available on the eShop. We are also making ongoing improvements to the UX of the eShop, so please give us a few weeks as we polish the mobile and desktop experience.

Some of you may be surprised by our decision to launch an eShop, because this is a new development not outlined in our roadmap. But we realized it was needed to allow for the proper customization of our hardware to address the visual requirements of our customers, and the concept of an eShop for tech glasses was born. It has already become one of the only places in the world to purchase Bluetooth glasses with prescription lenses, and likely the only one to deliver in a timely fashion. It is also the first online store in the world for purchasing prescription eyeglasses using crypto as well as fiat currency.

2. The LCD token. Many of you are wondering when LCD will come into play. We are currently developing a wearable app for LCD to enable its use with both Lucyd Lens and Loud. We are also developing integration into the eShop for a rewards program, and redemption for hardware and software. We expect to have these utilities in the next 6–7 months.

3. Lucyd Loud, the Bluetooth soundglass, is still a beta product. We plan to make several enhancements to both the style and technology in this product over the next year.

4. Lucyd Lens, the visual AR smartglass, is expected to enter beta on time in Q1 2019. It will be released via the eShop.

5. We are also developing an app called LINK to improve the usability of smartglasses for common smartphone tasks, with a focus on messaging, navigation, social and search.

6. The LCD token portal at is temporarily down. It will be back up shortly with an access link in the footer of the eShop.

That’s all for now! Stay tuned for more updates, and upgrade your eyewear now at!

Lucyd is a new smart eyewear company based in Miami. We are developing smartglasses and an eShop for cutting-edge eyewear.