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What do you need for a good zoom meeting?

  1. Good internet connection: First things first, ensure that your internet speed is good, and there is no lagging. There is nothing more frustrating than waiting for the screen to load, paused video, and interrupted explanations.
  2. Lucyd smart glasses: Having a pair of Bluetooth glasses makes Zoom calls so much easier and more efficient. Check out more .
  3. A neat background: There is just something about a pile of laundry heaped onto a chair that screams unprofessional. While you may choose to generate an automatic background on Zoom if you’re having a messy day, a clear and clean background is the best option. A good home office environment would be ideal if you have the space for one.
  4. Professional clothing: As previously mentioned, someone rising from their chair in a Zoom meeting and realizing suddenly that they didn’t put pants on that morning is undoubtedly funny. However, none of us want to be that person, and Zoom protocols call for pants. If you know for sure that your bottom half won’t be spotted, a smart shirt may just do the job.
  5. A working camera: Of course, all of this would be rather futile if you cannot be seen by your colleagues. A working camera is crucial for connecting with your co-workers, as facial expressions are more important than ever.

Zoom meeting etiquette — What to avoid

  1. Do not type or talk to others during the meeting: Both of these actions indicate that you are not paying attention to the meeting. Plus, you wouldn’t type or talk when attending a meeting in person, so it sets a bad precedent in virtual meetings.
  2. Do not eat, drink or smoke: Of course, having a sip of tea is perfectly acceptable, but popping open a beer may not be appropriate.
  3. Don’t leave the frame without saying why: Disappearing without mentioning it can put your team in a tricky position. If anyone asks you a question or takes a vote and you’re not there, this can lead to an uncomfortable situation.
  4. Do not leave yourself unmuted: If you would like to add to the conversation, unmute yourself until you have finished speaking or interacting, and then mute it again. There is nothing as frustrating as having the sounds of ten different people rustling, coughing, sipping, and moving around in their chairs. These might sound like small things, but they add up to irritation.

Zoom etiquette tips — What to do

  1. Be friendly and attentive: When joining the meeting, greet your team warmly and respond to their salutations with enthusiasm.
  2. Look and sound sharp: As previously mentioned, your gear is important. Make sure that there are no smudges on your camera, ensure that the lighting is good, and use a microphone if necessary. This will ensure that everyone sees and hears you clearly, making your points all the more impactful.
  3. Show that you’re listening: To indicate that you are attentive and listening, nod your head, smile, and use your facial expressions to show that you are engaged. If your surroundings are quiet and the meeting is interactive, you may also choose to unmute yourself so that you can respond verbally.

Conclusion on Zoom Guidelines



Lucyd is a new smart eyewear company based in Miami. We are developing smartglasses and an eShop for cutting-edge eyewear.

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Lucyd is a new smart eyewear company based in Miami. We are developing smartglasses and an eShop for cutting-edge eyewear.